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so you say
you want
 to know me??

Are you sure?

You might
just like
 my personality
 a little bit
too much
and then
 break my heart...


Well what do
you think so far?

 Still interested?

Short Report - Love, Flirtation, and Sex  for Johnny Rivera,
Juan Rivera
 June 24th, 1971
11:20 pm
Mexico, City Mexico

Ascendant in Pisces
You are highly empathic, and your physical involvement with a lover is directly geared to your emotional and psychic involvement.
Once you have found the partner you want, you are the most willing and supple lover, but you must take care that your own personality does not get lost in the process. It's better not to offer that temptation; be gentle and giving, but retain your individuality and independence.
In general, you will be happiest with a lover whose sexual consciousness is rather highly developed.
Sun in Cancer
You tend to be self-protective in your relationships or, if you are highly motivated, you may look for just the opposite - selfless, sometimes too self-denying, emotional entanglements.
Probably you will keep your really meaningful relationships quite private, so that the outside world is unlikely to know what is really going on in your emotional life.
The physical care and well-being of your lover are very important to you, and you may be generous to the point of lavishness.
With the Sun in Cancer you want to surround and envelop a lover, so you should find someone who is not too independent, someone who won't be annoyed by your constant small tokens of affection.
It is very important for you to balance your emotional life carefully, so that you are neither too closed off from others nor too open.
Sun in the Fourth House
You express your love as much through the surroundings you create as through physical sexuality. For this reason you will generally take a lover only after the two of you have become fast friends.
You are much more at ease when you can make love in familiar surroundings that you can control. This may be partly because of some natural insecurity, but it is just as much because for you, giving love includes much more than the physical act.
Therefore, you would be wise to look for a lover whose idea of a good time is an intimate evening at home rather than someone who likes to paint the town red.
Moon in Leo
You are very open and mellow toward your lover, and you are a very enthusiastic and outgoing love partner.
Your partner should enjoy social gatherings, because you feel unfulfilled if you are alone for a long time.
Generally you are an optimist, which helps the physical side of a relationship.
Physically and emotionally, you enjoy the presence and love of many different people, but you will probably lock your truly heartfelt loyalty and love to one person only.
Moon in the Fifth House
You have a certain infectious quality that enables you to lead others in good times.
Thus it is easy for you to become involved in a love relationship just for the joy and entertainment it provides. But you may be unwilling to confront the more serious or problematical aspects of a relationship because you don't intend to get involved in such complications.
Normally you take the lead in turning lovemaking into a smiling art form, in which you relish every joyful movement and lead the dance to greater heights.
Venus in Gemini
You enjoy delicacy and finesse in love, and you treasure the touch of an experienced and thoughtful lover. The softer and more ethereal the physical quality of love, the more you respond to it.
However, you also appreciate being told how much you are loved. Not everyone can express loving feelings so fluently, however, so do not feel rejected if your lover is not verbally affectionate.
Love at its best is a happy, sometimes complicated game of constantly changing stimuli, but underlying it is a much simpler emotional base of mutual friendship and companionship.
Venus in the Fourth House
You should look for a lover who can be very close to you, someone with whom you can share your most intimate secrets.
You need a relaxed lover who makes you feel at home wherever you are. The better you know your partner, the more at home you feel.
Effectively transmitting warmth and affection is the most important element for you, and sexual pyrotechnics can often be counterproductive to that.
Mars in Aquarius
Your style of expression is multifaceted, and you focus on exploring a number of forms of fulfillment rather than developing one particular area. Ideally, you should find a partner who wants to be as wide-ranging as you are, combining variety with truly satisfying intimacy.
You go out of your way to discover and fulfill all your lover's fantasies. But be sure to avoid jealous lovers, for you must remain free to express your personality, even if you do not choose to exercise that freedom.
Mars in the Twelfth House
You have a needling desire to realize your deepest and most out-of-the-way motivations, both sexual and otherwise. For this reason you are willing to give up much in a relationship in order to explore the unknown.
Do not wander into strange territory without carefully finding out about it first, for your tendency to act rashly could lead you into trouble.
If you are careful, the rewards will be well worth the risks, and the fulfillment you experience will be special and unique to you.

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Rabbit and Sheep

Astrological Compatibility

Hey Baby! What's Your Sign

Your Astrological Compatibility - Cancer
June 21-July 21
The best way for a Cancer to get what they need is from another Cancer.
January 21-February 18
The sex is great. The rest is an uphill battle. Cancer is warm and sensitive. Aquarius is cool and aloof. And that's just the beginning.
March 21-April 20
The relationship that will ignite like wildfire. But, Aries will get restless, wandering eyes just as Cancer starts to trust them.
December 21-January 20
If Capricorn can devote some attention to Cancer's needs, and if Cancer can take Cap's reserved nature in stride, these two will be fantastic.
May 21-June 20
In this match, Cancer brings passion. Gemini brings a cheery disposition. Not taking Gemini's nonchalant attitude about love will make it last.
July 22-August 22
While Leo's heart can recover from a Crabby mood swing, Cancer may have a harder time with Leo's attention focused on the world, not them.
September 23-October 22
Libra is unsympathetic to Cancer's moods and sensitivity. Cancer cannot fathom the need for extravagance. Both exist on different frequencies.
February 19-March 20
Together your hearts beat with passion and understanding. Pisces brings romance-Cancer brings protection. Bring on the harmony.
November 22-December 20
The Sagittarius likes to wander. The Cancer is a homebody. It won't be long before the Sag wanders elsewhere, permanently.
October 23-November 21
This intense mixture can go deep. A Cancer's tendency to be possessive will temper Scorpio's jealousy-Scorpio values Cancer's commitment.
April 21-May 20
If Cancer needs it, Taurus has it-and vice versa. Both need security, both are loving, both invest in home life-see a pattern? Bliss.
August 23-September 22
Cancers crave security. Virgos are goal-oriented. There's tons of the necessary emotional and practical glue needed to keep these two together.

2004 This Year's Path:
Here is what you are likely to encounter this year -- your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year.
This is your year of achievement, your year to make great strides in business, employment, promotions, monetary compensation, and/or the accumulation of possessions. It is your harvest time. You feel ambition stirring, a desire to better your financial condition. To accomplish this, it is necessary to be businesslike, efficient, and practical all year. Many opportunities present themselves. To gain your rewards, move forward in a businesslike manner and with sustained effort. Your state of mind, mental capacity, education, experience, and self-confidence are all part of your success and financial advancement. You feel desire to make a special effort to improve or bring to a successful conclusion some of the ideas and dreams of the past years. This is a year of action. Place your abilities on the market with a sense of self-confidence and authority.